I Dare You

Kit griped inwardly, was going to be all over Caden about everyone thinking they were Bounty Hunters.

The half breed stepped out of the shadows of the narrow alley between two buildings directly across the street from the saloon. He said nothing as he fired a shot from his rifle nearly hitting the stumbling drunk in the foot. Kit fired again at the man’s other foot to drive him back.

“Let me make this clear.” Kit rumbled at the people started clearing the streets. By now Kit was used to this. Injun started firing a gun and the white folk started to flee. “ANYONE … takes another step toward my brother and I will thoroughly ventilate you.” He said in a steady low tone his eyes narrow as he drifted from the drunkard to the women.

“Rest assured lady my brother and I are staunch feminists. So we have zero issues shootin’ women as fast as a man.” Kit warned. “So how ‘bout you put your hands up.”

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