Bloodhound With A Fine Shot

“Rest assured lady my brother and I are staunch feminists. So we have zero issues shootin’ women as fast as a man.” Kit warned. “So how ‘bout you put your hands up.”

Eliza still couldn’t quite spot the shooter, but decided not to frantically look around either. It would ruin her calm act.

“A shootin’ injuin?” She asked and laughed at the thought. This man in front of her described bloodhound with a perfect shot. Either he was bluffing or his brother was a real threat.

Nevertheless, Eliza wasn’t about to put her hands up. Not at all, because it was when the crowd parted and she shot a look over her shoulder when she spotted the gun man.

She looked at Jake and nodded her head slightly into the direction she’d seen the other man point a gun at them. She hoped he’d get the signal and fire before he could.

In the meantime, Eliza fell to the ground on her stomach, leaping forward to plant her blade in the man’s foot. She kept her head low in case his brother was really such a good shot.

She only got back onto her feet only when she was behind the man, her arm strapped around his neck, holding him tight. “Let’s see how well ya can shoot now eh?”

She knew that the man was most likely stronger than her considering she herself had rather skinny arms. She hoped that the second dagger to his throat would help.

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