This Wolf Bites!

Caden howled as his toe was knicked. Luckily the boots he wore were stolen, and a size too big.

She only got back onto her feet only when she was behind the man, her arm strapped around his neck, holding him tight. “Let’s see how well ya can shoot now eh?”
She knew that the man was most likely stronger than her considering she herself had rather skinny arms. She hoped that the second dagger to his throat would help.

“It would be fun you said.” Kit said his native tongue keeping the rifle level. “It would be easy you said.” He said again in Navajo. “I’m going to shoot her in the head.” He declared in Navajo pulling back the hammer. “Don’t move brother.”

“Sonuva--” Caden complained, holding still. “I am never gonna hear the end of this.”

“Drop it!” Jake ordered, pointing one of his guns at Caden, the other at Kit. “I might not hit you you redskinned bastard, but at this distance, I could be blind and kills him.”

Kit looked to Caden completely irate now. “But we're not Bounty Hunters he said …” He grumbled. Kit moved into a roll to close the distance and brought the butt of his rifle up and under Jake’s chin with teeth chattering force. The force of the gun knocked Jake on his backside, and he leaned over to spit a mouthful of blood. Rolling his head back, he found himself staring up the barrel of the shotgun.

As Kit handled the cowboy, Caden whistled through his teeth.

Lilac was the first to come bounding and quickly broke out into a full boar run snarling and growling. Rose was running at pace with her sister matting the furious snarl. The pair made a beeline for the woman holding a knife to Caden. Rose snapped her jaws taking a mouthful of the women's boot missing her leg but still used it to pull and tug at the women tearing up the leather. Lilac though was not letting someone threaten her pack and get away with it. The raging wolf leaped up going straight for Eliza’s knife hand.

With the wolves creating a distraction, Caden threw his head back against the woman’s nose hard, rolling out of her grasp and standing up with both his guns drawn, one towards the woman, and the other towards the shifty drunk guy that he didn’t trust.

“That’s Mr. - ah you know what nevermind…” Kit kicked Jake in the ribs for being an ass. Also to make sure he stayed down, right now he needed to talk down the wolves, Rose was ready to rip out the women throat and that just wouldn’t do! “I would drop the knife lady. You're making my girls nervous.” He warned yellow eyes looking down at one wolf was snarling in her face and the other had it’s jaws painfully wrapped around her knife arm.

“DAMMIT.” Caden yelled. “Everyone calm the heck down. We are NOT Bounty Hunters! And now the askin’ price went up because I needs to get me a new pair a boots! The hell, lady, who stabs someone in the foot? So let’s try this again. We are not bounty hunters. Everyone drop yer weapons or my brother makes the cowboy here a new breathin’ hole.”

“That being said … please feel free not to put down your weapons.” Kit urged as he grinned wolfishly. The yellow eye nearly matching that of his lupine charges.

“Sorry?” Jake said, with another spit of blood. “I don’t understand redskin speak.”

“Howgh.” Kit said letting the barrel of his rifle drop right to the man's face. “I’m sure you understand gun speak just fine though.”

“Mister, our qualm ain’t with you, but you disrespect my brother again, I will shoot you dead.”

“Dibs.” Kit said in a pert tone.”On with the proposition before the Law drives out the Native for shooting his gun and mouth off?” He reminded his brother. “Or we can just wait here and turn them in for the full bounty … that's a thought.” Given the trouble they caused for the pair Kit had half a mind to let that happen.

“You do have a point, Little Brother, either way, we aims to get paid. $250, and you never have to deal with us again.”

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