Yeah You’re Definitely Bounty Hunters

Eliza dropped her knife when the wolf suddenly attacked her. When the man she had steadied in front of her just before head butted her, she stumbled backwards, against the saloon wall.

When the fighting had at last died down, Jake was on the ground and Eliza pressing her sleeve to her bloody nose. “Sunovabitch!” She cussed and glared at the men as deeply as she possibly could.

“Yer ain’t no bounty hunters eh? Tell me what do bounty hunters do?” She asked, pushing herself off the wall. “They see a wanted poster, they see the price an’ then they go get themselves a bounty. Yer ain’t kiddin’ no one. Ye might be slimier than bounty hunters, but yer still on’a them.”

She could have reached for her gun. Perhaps she would be quick enough to shoot the one closer to her before either of them even saw it coming. But the Indian was standing over Jake with a gun and she didn’t want to provoke him to shoot her partner. Besides, the two wolves were still growling at them threateningly.

“Ya ain’t gonna get no bounty fer ‘im,” Eliza lied and pointed at Jake. “Yer waistin’ time knockin’ ‘im down like that.

‘Bout the money,” she continued. This time she made a choice to lean against the wal behind her. “Sure I gots it. Plenty ‘o it, but ya don’t think I’m stupid enough ta carry it ‘round with me do ya? Nah it ain’t ‘ere, and don’t think I’ll tell ya where’tis while yer pointing those at me.”

She crossed her arms in front of her chest. She hadn’t much to loose really. Besides Jake of course, but maybe if he could get himself out of the entire situation, it would make things a lot easier.

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