Looking best

(OCC: sorry for the wait. RL stuff)

“Today,” Bart suggested, “we look our best. There’s gonna be a weddin!”

Of course, Bart didn’t quite know what lookin his best would entail. He asked Marley, “Could ye help me look my best"

Marley smiled and kissed him. "of course."

Later that evening she stood behind the door of the chaple trying to remember how to breath. The only people at their wedding was black ant and a girl Marley had highered from the motel to help set things up and get ready. Black ant stood next to bart at the front both boys dressed i. Their best suits. It wasn't wedding clothes really but they looked nice. Marley simply had on a light blue dress. It brought out her eyes. The girl came to her "something new and blue in that dress miss Alistair". He placed a small string of pirls around her neck. "these were my mothers... So... Something borrowed and old... That how it gose right? Somthing old something new something barrowed and somthing blue?" the girl smiled. Marley smiled and nodded. The music started and the girl giggled "thays your Que" Marley took a deep breath and walked down the isle to bart and to her future.
As the priest went threw their vowes Marley couldn't help but look at bart and marvel at how handsome he looked. She blushed when he grinned down at her and looked down. Why was she suddenly shy?

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