Talkin' Business

Judge Dowd clamped down on his cigar. She offered a friendly smile, but Judge Dowd was all business. As long as the likes of Manuel Gonzalez was ‘round, he had to.

“Good mornin, Sister,” he said,,as friendly as he could muster, but still comin across cold and distant. “I have two business matters at hand. First, Manuel Gonzalez is requestin a Padre. Most likely, he wants to set things right with the Man Above afore he’s hanged. Second, I need you to testify ‘gainst Gonzalez, since you were his victim.”

Ella froze for a moment as she looked to Dowd. If she did what he was asking everything she said would've doomed Manny to hang, no questions asked. But she didn't want to damn him.
Hell, she wanted to support him. He didn't do her any wrong, he shouldn't be the one to hang. The one to get caught.

The sister swallowed down a lump. "Oh the trial, of course. Is that tomorrow afternoon?" she glanced back as Father Connor came up behind her with a smile toward Dowd. He noticed her hands shaking more violently, resting a reassuring palm over her shoulder as it was hidden behind the door.

"What's the matter?"

"This here's Judge Dowd. He's... the judge. Here 'bout that outlaw's trial,"

He nodded to the man and held out his free hand in greeting. "I'm Father Connor."


Lugging the two baskets into town, Jo squinted as the sun blinded her. The bottles of milk clanked together when she kicked a rock ahead of the path, dust plumes forming just seconds before the wind whisked them away for good. Whisked away just as fast as yesterday had gone. And she hadn't been there to see what happened or if Ella was even safe. The law sent her off pretty quick like after the trade and she didn't look back.

She did trips like this a couple times a month, a week when things were good. She delivered their crops and anything else they happened to make to the saloon, the church, and some shops around Silverado for a pretty penny. Of course, it was only pretty if the produce was, and the quality this time 'round was mediocre. But at the rate she was travelling, the crops would only shrivel up in the heat.

Anyway, it was time to hit the saloon first and grab her complimentary meal.

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