The Trials of Life

"What's the matter?"

"This here's Judge Dowd. He's... the judge. Here 'bout that outlaw's trial,"

He nodded to the man and held out his free hand in greeting. "I'm Father Connor."

“Jedidiah Dowd,” the judge announced, shaking the man’s hand. “The prisoner is requesting to speak with a priest,” Dowd continued. “I’m certain he’s of the Catholic faith, but we don’t have a Catholic Church near Silverado. You’re the nearest we got to a Catholic priest.”

“And sister,” Dowd requested, “if you could be present for tomorrow’s proceedings,” he clamped down on his cigar as he took a breath, “I’d be much obliged. It seems Gonzalez’ sister has hired a good lawyer. Not sure how she’s gonna pay for him, unless Gonzalez has a stash somewhere she knows about.”

The half breed stepped out of the shadows of the narrow alley between two buildings directly across the street from the saloon. He said nothing as he fired a shot from his rifle nearly hitting the stumbling drunk in the foot. Kit fired again at the man’s other foot to drive him back.

Wirt feel to the ground trying to avoid the bullets nearly hitting his feet. The resulting actions of everybody else soon convinced James he was in over his head. He rose to his knees, only to see the gun Caden had pointed at him. Sweat began to roll down his face.

“Fiiiiiiinne.” Kit acquiesced. When in doubt leave it to lady luck right?

“Great. So-- how far would we have to go for this cash, and whose got a coin?”

“Uh, excuse me sir,” Wirt waited for Caden to look his way, “I’ve got a coin,” he hesitated a moment before an idea struck his mind. “But if it’s payment you want, I can take care of that. I’ve got more’n enough in a box on my coach.”

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