To Us!

"But there's somethin' I gotta tells you about first. An' ... I don't think it's somethin' you'll wanna hear. But I'll tell you an' if'n you still wanna see Judge Dowd after, we will. Tomorrow, okay? Tonight... I wanna go have a couple a drinks at the saloon, maybe see Jack and Miss Mondette. You're welcome t'come for a Scotch if you're a drinkin' man, John."

“It’s very kind of you to offer, but I will be on my way home now. I am not the most experienced rider, and I fear that if I try and stand for any longer, my legs will disagree,” he said and chuckled. “My house is the one with the red door at the very end of the main road.” He pointed into the direction he spoke of. “I will leave the door unlocked, so when you feel ready you can simply make your way there yourself. The guest room is the first door to the right,” he concluded and nodded his head in goodbye. “I shall see the two of you in the morning then.”

Cody was tryin to figure out what so all-fired important to Mattie to want to discuss. She seemed very serious when she said it. It must be something to do with bounty huntin. May be, she has some wisdom from her experience to share about the current hunt.

Cody tipped his hat to Mr Paroll, then offered an arm to Mattie. Together, arm-in-arm, the walked to the saloon. At the bar, Cody ordered a bottle of scotch with two glasses. He carried them to a table, set the glasses down, and filled them. Sitting down, he took one, lifted it toward Mattie, and toasted, “To us! Hicks and Franks, Bounty Hunters. Soon to be Franks and Franks!”

As the priest went threw their vowes Marley couldn't help but look at bart and marvel at how handsome he looked. She blushed when he grinned down at her and looked down. Why was she suddenly shy?

Bart felt that all his mother’s wishes were coming true. He had met a good woman, who showed spunk from time-to-time. It was this spunkiness that drew Bart to her. That was his attraction to women. From Elizabeth Custer, to the girl before she became the bounty hunter, to Liza, now Marley. They all had a certain fire within them that attracted Bart to them.

Marley did well keepin it hidden most of the time. However, when she became angry, she wasn’t afraid to show it. At the moment, she blushed. Bart didn’t deserve such a good woman. For once, fate was in his favor.

The preacher said, “You May kiss your bride.” Bart held nothing back. He was a married man and wanted all to know it.

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