Snake in a box

To say Jake was furious was an understatement that ran deeper than the Grand Canyon. The non-injun boy needed his ass beat for bloodying Miss Eliza’s nose. The injun boy needed his ass beat for hitting him with a rifle butt and simply for being Injun. And this Wirt fella, Jake did not like the way he eyeballed Miss Eliza in the least. And now he was willin’ to just give 275 bucks for her freedom? He’d be wantin’ Somethin in return, and if what is was wantin Miss Eliza, Jake was willin to shoot it out with him at high noon if it came to it. The man was slicker than a greased eel, and the worst part was that Miss Eliza seemed to fancy him too.

At the very least, he took comfort that some sonuvabitch was gonna get bit by a rattlesnake in that old box.

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