Daze of Our Lives

“Cuz you said I could shoot ‘em … “ Kit mumbled pulling gout the appropriate cash and little extra for the trio being a pain in the boot. “ … maybe we should let the snake have a crack at ‘em?” He said yellow eyes glittering with mischief. “Wacha think darlin’? You raw at the big bad man?” Kit asked the snake as if it were a baby. The snake rattled its tail. “I think she might.”

Wirt fell to the ground when he got pistol whipped. He tried to stand, cursing himself for getting involved in another person’s issues. This girl was too damn attractive. She lure him in like chicken livers does a catfish.

He tried to see what was happening as he tried to stand. Everything was blurry. Wirt’s eyes were watering up from the blow to his head. He thought he saw one of the men reach back into his till. Wirt looked at Eliza, hoping they were satisfied and she were free. Before he could get to his feet, the dazebecame stronger, darkness overtook him, and Wirt fell unconscious.

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