Gotta Go

She faced him with a worried look " that he thinks they have you captured and is going to make a trade.. His life for yours. " she rolled the sleeve of her robe between her fingers nervously. Surley bart would leave her now. He would go to his father. But then she couldn't really blame him.

Bart turned from her to think. He knew if he remained gazing into her eyes, he’d be swayed to let his father fall into his own fate. He sighed as he thought.

“Marley,” he spoke. “I know ye got yer heart set on Florida. But I can’t go an leave my pa ta hang in my place. ‘Specially when I ain’t there. Kin ye go back wit me to Pine? I gotta keep ‘im from doin it.” He turned back to face her. “Then, we’ll head to Florida. Jist me an you!”

Judge Jedidiah Dowd walked into the Silverado jail. He had read the report on Cody Franks. He thought it strange that the bounty hunter would cause a disturbance.

Walking back to the cells, he first stopped by Manuel Gonzalez’ cell. “This is the day of your trial, Gonzalez. Today, you will know your fate!” He chompped on his cigar and grinned.

Moving to the next cell, the judge tipped his bowler cap to Mattie. “Good mornin’ ma’am! I’m surprised to see your boss in here!”
Dowd wasn’t much on equal rights and women’s sufferage. If they were working together, obviously Cody was her superior.

Cody opened his mouth to correct the judge, but before he could get a syllable out, he was interrupted by the judge. “Alright son! You’re free to go. One night for disturbing the peace.” He unlocked Cody’s cell. “You can get your gun and knife at the front desk.” Dowd held the door open as Cody joined Mattie as a free man.

“After the trial,” he looked at the judge, “we’re gittin married, right!”

“Yes,” Dowd said, “I’ll be happy to perform the ceremony!” As Cody and Mattie turned to leave, Dowd clamped his cigar before saying, “Oh, and Franks, keep your nose clean!” He thought he’d never have to tell the blacksmith that, but he guessed once one became a bounty hunter, they were livin in that gray area.

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