To hell n back

"Marley,” he spoke. “I know ye got yer heart set on Florida. But I can’t go an leave my pa ta hang in my place. ‘Specially when I ain’t there. Kin ye go back wit me to Pine? I gotta keep ‘im from doin it.” He turned back to face her. “Then, we’ll head to Florida. Jist me an you!”

Her heart sank but she knew better than to try to stop him and in all honesty it wouldn't be right to do so. "of course... I told you... I will follow you to hell if thats were you wish to lead us" she gave him a small sad smiled then went to hold him close. "i have to go down stairs.. The will be back with the boy soon" going up on her toes she planted a small kiss on his cheek then went to get dressed. Afyer a bit she came out in a nice lavender dress and headed down stairs to wait. She staired into her water glass while she waited lost in thought.

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