Say a Prayer For Me

"I'm Father Connor, hearing you out for the Heavens." He gave a gracious smile.

Manny shook the Father’s hand, looking him in the eye. His eyes reddened, knowing his fate. For the first time, he allowed his fear of death to show in his strong face.

“Forgeeve me Fathare, Aye ‘ave seened.” Manny made the sign of the cross. “Aye yam gueelty of rideeng weeth Eyiot Gray y ‘is murderers. Aye haff taken what does not belong to me. Aye haff naver keeled anybody intentionally. Por favor, pray for me!”

Judge Dowd gave Cody “his” knife and gun with its belt. At first, Cody didn’t want the knife. It didn’t belong to him; it was Kirby’s. After a lengthy discussion, Cody shrugged and kept it, sliding the knife in his boot.

“Let’s go fer a walk,” Cody coaxed Mattie.

Judge Dowd turned to the deputy. “As soon as the Father there is done with Manuel, bring him to the hearing room.”

Wirt finally got all the cobwebs out of his head. He did recognize Jake and Eliza down the street. He saw them looking at him, then turning to walk away. He grimaced as he rubbed the lump on the back of his head. Most likely, they decided not to ride with him. James considered it rude after what he just went through for the girl.

Carefully, Wirt arose from the street. He walked to his coach, entered it, securing the door. He made certain his shotgun was by his bedside tonight. He didn’t trust the two swindlers not to come back for more.
In Denver, Bart kissed Marley deeply before she left. He still struggled understanding what he did to deserve her. “You look like a flower in your dress,” he said, which sounded strange coming from his gruff voice. When she left, he lit a cigar and awaited her return.

Downstairs, Sheriff Hick walked Black Ant to the dining room door, allowing him to walk the rest of the way to rejoin Marley. When Marley looked his way, Sheriff Hick smiled and tipped his cap. Anyone with good eyesight could see that Black Ant had a bruised eye.

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