The Walk

Judge Dowd gave Cody “his” knife and gun with its belt. At first, Cody didn’t want the knife. It didn’t belong to him; it was Kirby’s. After a lengthy discussion, Cody shrugged and kept it, sliding the knife in his boot.

“Let’s go fer a walk,” Cody coaxed Mattie.

Mattie was happy to have Cody back, outside of jail -- even if it were for one night. She didn't even mind that Judge Dowd had called him her boss. She took his hand in hers and walked through town.

"You ain't changed your mind, has you?" She asked him. "Cause if'n you did, or if'n you have cold feet, it's okay, really, I understand. And we kin wait. I ain't going anywhere. If you don't want to get hitched right now after hearing everything. I just don't want to keep nothing from you, 'specially if you still wanna see Judge Dowd. I'll wait for you, forever if I gotta. I don't think no one else would ever hold my heart like you do."

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