Hole in my boots

OOC: Joint post with Winters and Blitzen

The game ost all it fun when the man who tried to get Kit bit was KOed. “Is he part fainting goat or did you hit him a little too hard?” Kit asked looking to his brother. The Half Injun called the wolves over, they got paid so as far he was concerned the women and her man didn’t exist anymore.

Caden looked at his own hand and shrugged. Maybe he’d been too overzealous about protecting Kit? “I dunno, little brother, but at least we got paid! -- I think maybe we should retire from the contortionist business.”

“Couldn’t agree more …” Kit nodded ambling forward, the rattlesnake in hand still. “ … let get you some new boots first.” The younger brother said with a sly smile.

“Let’s get you a pair while we’re at it, not from here though -- Silverado? They gots a better store, and maybe their saloon is Injun friendly.”

“Oo new boots all around! Fancy!” Kit said with a broad grin as they walk out of town to the horses. Kit of course took a moment to release the snake to its newfound freedom. “There you go darlin’, tell your friends.” Kit chuckled as the creature slithered off.

“So now that we retired from this business, what do you say? Where can we go with a buncha corruption needs some strong-arming?”

“Let see how Silverado shakes out.” Kit said thoughtfully. “Bound to be someone there in need gentlemanly contractors such as us.”

“You’re the more gentlemanly, little brother, but Silverado it is!”

“Such a pair, the gentlemanly injun and the …” Kit said giving Caden the ones over with his eye. “ … You.” He snickered.

Caden laughed, and shoved his brother. “Careful, Wanders with Wonder, else you’ll find yourself Wondering why you got a black eye!”

“Least I didn't howl like a puppy when your paw got nicked, Howling Wolf.” The half breed chortled. “I swear that girl is going to get herself shot dead one day.” He said with a tsk.

“Maybe. But we did get a pretty penny for ‘er.”

“We got lucky is what we did. The girl herself didn’t have a penny on her and the snake oil salesmen had a rattler in the box.” Kit said with a tsk. “I coulda been bit or worse carting those two trying to get paid!”
“Know who whines, Kit?”

“Yea … yea …” Kit said flatly as he side-eyed his brother. “ … howling wolves apparently.” He said as they approached camp.

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