Healthy Competition

“Do you realize how long it’d take a mule pulling a coach to reach Denver? What about you Jalbert? You want to go to Denver too? Silverado has plenty of whores for you!”

"It's Albert." Jake grumbled. "She was thinkin' of our other brother, Jack, Mr. Wirm. An' I'll go wher'ever my sister wants to go. Silverado sounds just fine, we came from there not long ago. Great city. I'm all for it. Plenty of lawmen, constables, you know, they got themselves their an apothecary, why I bet you could set up yer shop and give them a run for their money! Lots of established businesses want healthy competition, don't they? " He absently plucked one of the flowers from the many he had growing. Given different circumstances, he'd likely give it to Miss Eliza for her hair. He'd never seen that kind before, but Wirt had plenty of them.

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