In the Shadows

Boyd seethed, he was tired of these Red Arrows muscling in on what used to be there territory. And what was worse, the blacksmith that took out Hawkes and Calvin and a few others was showing his face around town again. The boy just didn't know when to turn tail and run. Boyd would make sure to show him that time had come and gone.


Using the knife, Cody carved a large heart in the post. Inside the heart, he carved “C.F. & M.H. 4E’er.”

He jabbed the knife, forcing it to stick into the top of the post. Turning to those lovely eyes, Cody asked, “Let this settle things! Nothin ye can do will change the way I feel ‘bout you!”

"Now?" Mattie asked, lacing her fingers in his.

"Now," Cody declared. "Or, as soon as I gets myself into a clean shirt!" His was ripped and tattered from the fight the night before. "Looks like there ain't never gonna be a time when I'm not sportin' a black eye or bruise, and I don't wanna wait one minute longer than I halfta." Mattie kissed him softly.

"Makes you look ruff, like a bounty hunter!"she said, with a smile. "I gotta go get me some things from the general store and see Miss Mondette, I'll 'pologize to Jack fer yesterday. Wanna meet back at the Courthouse in an hour? "

"It's a date." He said back, chipperly, as each went their separate ways.

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