A Jolly Morning For Parolly

John woke rather late that morning, but when his eyes did open at 11AM, he felt the needed rest in his calming muscles. Earlier last night they’d ached like nothing else, but after a good long sleep on a real mattress, he felt much better.

He took his time getting dressed and ready until he remembered the two bounty hunters. John knocked on the guest bedroom’s door, and when no reply came, he opened it slowly.

“Good Morning, I was wondering if—” at the sight of the empty and still perfectly untouched bed, he stopped in his trackes. “Huh,” he huffed and looked around as though he’d find them somewhere behind him.

Had they showed up at all? He couldn’t recall ever hearing anyone enter the house, but he’d been in such a deep sleep last night, he hadn’t taken it as a surprise.

At last John decided to stay calm about it. There was the likelihood that they simply changed their minds and spent the night at the Inn after all. Or perhaps they’d just left early to get coffee.

That reminded him that he still needed to get new coffee from the general goods store. He’d just pop in quickly and then come back. He doubted Mattie and Cody would pay him a visit while he was gone anyway, but just in case, he decided to write a note and hang it onto the outside door.

Gone to the store. Will be back soon.

With a pocket of coin he made his way down the road, greeting people here and there and having a jolly morning overall.

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