Pick On Someone Yer Own Size!

Marley and Black Ant returned to their suite. Bart could see that Marley was visibly upset. When Black Ant lifted his face and Bart saw the bruises, Bart could understand why.

“Who did this to you, son?” Bart’s gruff voice asked, smoke from his cigar still rolling from his nose and mouth.

“The deputy,” Marley answered for him, “Deputy Morton!”

Bart’s eyes narrowed. “A lawman did this to an innocent boy just because he was an Indian?” He arose and strapped on his gun belt. “Someone needs ta be learnt!”

Bart hugged Marley before marching out the door, headed to find Deputy Morton in a saloon. The man would have loomed over Black Ant.

Bart walked behind the deputy. Yankin the man’s shoulder, he turned the deputy around to face him. Without a word of explanation, Bart swung the back of his forearm into the deputy’s jaw, knocking him back to the floor. Bart jumped onto the stunned man and began an onslaught of punches.

“Fight someone yer own size!” Bart demanded. “I ain’t a young Indian boy!”

Others finally were able to pull Bart from the bloodied deputy. Sheriff Hick soon arrived, gun drawn. Bart was defenseless. The others took his guns from him when they had pulled him off they deputy.

Soon Bart was in the jailhouse. Once Sheriff Hick found out who he was, he placed an army of men to guard him. Contacting Sunrise by telegraph, he arranged with Judge Dowd to have Bart escorted to Silverado.

"Makes you look ruff, like a bounty hunter!"she said, with a smile. "I gotta go get me some things from the general store and see Miss Mondette, I'll 'pologize to Jack fer yesterday. Wanna meet back at the Courthouse in an hour? "

"It's a date." He said back, chipperly, as each went their separate ways.

Cody walked to where Paroll’s house was located. He saw the sign. It wouldn’t be right for him to go inside. The thought of recently being locked up made him aware he didn’t want to go back any time soon.

Cody decided to walk to the livery stable. There were a few things he needed to retrieve from his saddle bags. Clothing, a razor, things necessary to clean up. As he did this, Manny Gonzalez’ words haunted him. Cody was well aware that Manny was right. Cody was one por choice away from being Manny. Both allowed revenge to motivate themselves. They chose different paths.

Cody was certain that his love for Mattie was keepin him on the right path. That love was pure. Unconditional. He dedicated his heart to promote goodness and value in hers. To serve her with his love.
He absently plucked one of the flowers from the many he had growing. Given different circumstances, he'd likely give it to Miss Eliza for her hair. He'd never seen that kind before, but Wirt had plenty of them.

“It’s Wirt, rhymes with hurt, which is what you’re going to do if you keep picking at my flowers.” Wirt explained. It might not be that Wirt would have to do much if the oils of the flower soaked into his skin.

Something Jalbert had said struck a cord with James. A permanent shop. An apothecary! He had a business proposition from a lady in Silverado once. What was the name? Yes! Mondette! he remembered with an inward grin. She had promised a corner on the market. She could have the girls push the elixir.

“My dear,” Wirt turned to Eliza, “it may be we could go to Denver, but I do have to go to Silverado first. I may have a standing business proposition there. Would that be fine? If I sell enough there, I might could purchase a team of horses to pull the coach.”

Judge Dowd smiled as he clamped down on his cigar, eying a telegram. Bart Starr’s been captured again. I only need to send a team to bring him back from Denver!

Dowd looked at the deputy before him. “Go Get Gonzalez an Bring him to the courtroom. After the trial, I have a wedding to perform. Let Marshall Tucker I need to see him after that.”

The deputy headed to the cells. Dowd just grinned as he headed to the courtroom, clamping his cigar.

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