Let’s Discuss This Outside

“My dear,” Wirt turned to Eliza, “it may be we could go to Denver, but I do have to go to Silverado first. I may have a standing business proposition there. Would that be fine? If I sell enough there, I might could purchase a team of horses to pull the coach.”

Eliza looked at Jake and then Wirt. She truly didn’t want to go to Silverado in fear of being locked up by the first person she came across.

“Me an’ Albert should discuss this outside,” she stated and left the coach quickly with Jake at her heels.

She closed the door and then turned to Jake. “I don’ wanna go ta Silverado it ain’t no— d’ya reckon ‘e can hear us?” She turned back to the coach. “This dead fellas really cookin’ in the sun ain’t ‘e Albert?” She said testingly, and when there was no sign of an answer, Eliza suspected that they were far enough out of hearing range.

“Anyway,” she continued, still stepping a little further from the coach. “Don’t ya think that if we go ta Silverado, there’ll be another buncha’ bounty hunters waitin’ fer us? This fella really seems ta have ‘is heart set on goin’ ta Silverado, but I ain’t gettin’ shot by no lawmen Jake.”

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