Lead The Way Lady Friend

If’n you want, you an me kin ride double til we figure on our next move. Ain’t no lawman gonna getcha Miss Eliza. What with Raymond an’ the Silver Hand, they gots bigger fish to fry. Or—“ he took out his pistol. “You let me try an sweet talk Mister Wirm to changing his mind on where we ought go, less he wants to be separated from it.

“Well,” Eliza said and took a step closer to him. “I’d love ta see ya sweet talkin’. Been a while since I seen ya use those skills ‘o yers.” She grinned and looked over her shoulder at Wirt’s coach. “An’ if ‘e don’t want nothin’ ta do with us, ridin’ double don’t sound bad at all.” She placed her hand on his upper arm and hovered for a moment before she slightly pulled him with her back to Wirt and his stage.


“You ain’t seen Cody, has you? I gotta tell ‘em Bart Starr was captured in Denver! They’re gonna transport ‘em to Silverado to stand trial with Dowd. I’m gonna try to convince the judge t’let us ride on for extra security! How’s that for a story for ya! Help me find Cody?”

“Oh Miss Hicks!” John greeted and waved before he caught up with the bounty hunter. “Bart Starr captured again?” He pulled out his notebook almost instantly. It was as though this woman always had something noteworthy to say. “Who would have though? I sure wouldn’t have! And coming here, to Silverado? Fantastic!” He cheered while he noted it all into his book. “So you and Mr. Fanks are going to ride with the law to bring Bart Starr to justice at last? Why you must be so excited, capturing your greatest rival at last! You must want to tell Cody... oh yes, yes, yes Cody. I haven’t seen, him my apologies. Say did the two of you end up at the inn last night? Oh what does it matter, I know, I know. Now Cody hmm.”

He looked around. “No, no he doesn’t seem to be around here. You know what? I shall help you look for him, lead the way lady Bounty Hunter!”

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