Honeymoon in Denver?

“We better hurry; I think the trial has already started. After, we’ll be Mr. and Mrs. Cody Franks. Ain’t nothing gonna stop us then.”

“Wait!” Mattie said, grabbing his wrist. “Bart Starr’s been captured, they caught him out in Denver. How’d you feel about us spending our honeymoon bringin’ ‘em back to stand trial? Afterwards we kin go anywhere’s you want. Grand Canyon, Texas, California— I hear the beach is really nice.

Mr. Paroll is gonna tag a long and get a front page for it, aintcha Mr. Paroll? “ Mattie wasn’t sure what happened in Denver, just overheard bits of conversation. But Dowd had the power to deputize them, well, Cody at least. The judge was still under the impression that he was her boss! He’d certainly deputize Cody, then they’d be on their way!

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