Heart Broken

Mr. Paroll is gonna tag a long and get a front page for it, aintcha Mr. Paroll? “ Mattie wasn’t sure what happened in Denver, just overheard bits of conversation. But Dowd had the power to deputize them, well, Cody at least. The judge was still under the impression that he was her boss! He’d certainly deputize Cody, then they’d be on their way!

Isobel Gonzalez came running out of the courtroom straight into the streets, nearly being run over by a wagon hauling kegs of beer for the saloon. The driver quickly halted the horses, bringing the wagon to an abrupt halt, spewing kegs into the street. He began to cuss the distraught Mexican lady for causing the accident.

Isobel didn’t have anywhere to go. She couldn’t go back to the home David Bergman provided for her. It was provided under false pretenses. She didn’t think the Sister and the Father would allow her to stay at the church any longer. She was called a whore in public. She didn’t deserve the mercy they had offered before.

She looked at the driver then ran from him, nearly running into Mattie and the others. She looked into Mattie’s face. Her eyes were reddened, tears flowed down her olive cheeks.

Crying and without a word, Isobel searched the street, trying to figure where she would go. Her eyes fixed on the saloon. There. That’s where her kind belonged. She lowered her head and ran straight into the saloon. This is where her fate had led her.

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