Where I Belong

“Are you alright miss? I don’t mean to pry, but you look troubled. Might there be anything I could do to be of assistance?” He gave her a friendly smile, although it was hard to appear happy when he was so sympathetic of her tears. Gesturing to the saloon he concluded, “I’m sure you won’t find anyone as helpful as me in there.”

Isobel listened, not fully trusting the man. The last man she had trusted, trusted with her heart, turned out to be married. His wife called her a whore.

She looked at Mattie and Cody, two who had stopped them at the edge of town. They seemed to be good people; perhaps this man was too, since he was with them. Of course, David Bergman was supposed to be a good man too.

Isobel looked confused. She looked to the saloon. That was where whores belonged. She looked back at the stranger, shook her head in confusion, and said, “Ella dijo que yo era una puta. ¿No es la cantina el lugar para las putas?”

Manny had exited the courtroom by this time, wearing a Deputy US Marshall badge. He seemed to have mixed feelings, elated he was free, but sorrowful for his sister, who seemed to sell her soul for his freedom. He overheard Isobel and responded, “No eres una puta, Isobel. Las opiniones de los demás no importan. Hiciste una mala elección.”

Judge Dowd appeared in the doorway to the courthouse, a cigar clamped in his jaw. He noticed Cody and Mattie across the way and signaled for them. “Hurry yourselves up,” he requested, “I have important matters to take care of!”

Cody was surprised to see Manny Gonzalez out of prison, much less wearing a badge. What went on inside that room? Why is Manny free and not hangin? If Manny were free, why is his sister so upset?

Bart sat alone in the Denver jailhouse. If given the choice, he would have done the same again. Someone needed to teach that deputy a lesson. He’d propably never would do that again to an Indian youth. Bart grinned overhearing the deputy had a busted nose and jaw from the altercation. Bart’s only concern at the moment was for his wife and son.

He knew there was no chance of a breakout this time. The sheriff was well aware what had happened in Sundance. He wasn’t about to let it happen again. There were five men inside the jail at all times. Two were sitting outside the cell, three were in the sheriff’s office. Bart looked out the window of the cell, three men stood watch there in the alleyway. He couldn’t see, but overheard two more sat on the bench outside the office. Ten men at all times, twenty men taking twelve hour shifts. All were volunteers; all knew how to handle a gun.

The sheriff knew Marley Alistare. He knew she would be angry if not informed of her new husband’s fate. He sent a message to her. “Bart Starr is in jail for assaulting my deputy. As soon as his escort arrives, he will be on the way to Judge Dowd in Silverado.”

James Wirt had wondered what was taking the beautiful girl and her brother so long outside his coach. He opened the door, peering outside. “Well Jalbert! Are you coming with me? If you’d like to sleep on it for the night, I’m leaving town in the morning. I’ll be having breakfast at the inn. You and your lovely sister can join me if you like!”

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