Oh! A Translator?

Isobel looked confused. She looked to the saloon. That was where whores belonged. She looked back at the stranger, shook her head in confusion, and said, “Ella dijo que yo era una puta. ¿No es la cantina el lugar para las putas?”

John took a step back from her and cocked his head. "Spanish? You're Spanish... or Mexican? Of course you are how didn't I notice? My apologies miss, but I don't speak any spanish myself." He took a half step towards her again and held out his hand suggestively. "English, do you understand any--"

Manny had exited the courtroom by this time, wearing a Deputy US Marshall badge. He seemed to have mixed feelings, elated he was free, but sorrowful for his sister, who seemed to sell her soul for his freedom. He overheard Isobel and responded, “No eres una puta, Isobel. Las opiniones de los demás no importan. Hiciste una mala elección.”

John turned towards the new addition to the conversation. He narrowed his eyes at him for a moment and then gasped. "By god you are Manuel Gonzalez! You rode with the Silver hand am I correct? And--" John glanced at the lost woman again. "You must speak at least a morsel of English do you not? Say could you perhaps translate for me? I would like to let the lady know that if she happens to need any assistance, I would be obliged and glad to help." John huffed under his breath as he looked at Manny and shook his head in disbelief. "Manuel Gonzalez. I can't believe it!"

“Well Jalbert! Are you coming with me? If you’d like to sleep on it for the night, I’m leaving town in the morning. I’ll be having breakfast at the inn. You and your lovely sister can join me if you like!”

Eliza chuckled under her breath as she took a step from Jake, figuring as a sister she'd respect his personal space. She flashed Wirt a smile and then spoke for Jake.

"Ye're too kind sir," she spoke. "I reckon me an' Albert are gonna hafta sleep on it. It's a terribly hard decision." She leaned a little closer to the merchant and whispered, "Alberts' more o' a late sleeper. But I ain't. I'll leave 'im at the inn an' we can have breakfast alone in the mornin'."

With those words, Eliza stepped back next to Jake and nudged him into the direction of the inn. She sent Wirt a few waves goodbye, her arm linked with Jake's as they walked away from the merchant.

Once back in their room, she sat on the bed grinning from ear to ear. "'E just made it real' easy fer us Jalbert," she jeered. "In the mornin' 'ell take me ta breakfast while ya get Buster from the stables and hook 'im to Wirt's stage. I'll meet ya at the edge o' town by the sign once I found me a good reason ta leave. An' there we got our ride ta anywhere we want."

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