Do You Want Help?

John turned towards the new addition to the conversation. He narrowed his eyes at him for a moment and then gasped. "By god you are Manuel Gonzalez! You rode with the Silver hand am I correct? And--" John glanced at the lost woman again. "You must speak at least a morsel of English do you not? Say could you perhaps translate for me? I would like to let the lady know that if she happens to need any assistance, I would be obliged and glad to help." John huffed under his breath as he looked at Manny and shook his head in disbelief. "Manuel Gonzalez. I can't believe it!"

“She,” Manny responded, “ees mi seestair. Hair heart was brokane.”

Manny turned to Isobel. “Él está ofreciendo ayudar. Parece sincero.”

Isobel looked at Mr. Paroll and smiled. “No tengo a donde ir.”

Manny translated, “She believes she has no place to go. Her nam ees Isobel.”

"Ye're too kind sir," she spoke. "I reckon me an' Albert are gonna hafta sleep on it. It's a terribly hard decision." She leaned a little closer to the merchant and whispered, "Alberts' more o' a late sleeper. But I ain't. I'll leave 'im at the inn an' we can have breakfast alone in the mornin'."

At the word alone, Wirt winked at Eliza and gave a knowing smile to her. She must have felt the same way about him as she did about her. Either that or she was truly grateful of him for saving her from the clutches of those two non-bounty hunters.

“It shall be delightful,” Wirt told Eliza, then watched as the two walked away. Well, watched Eliza as she walked away. She was much more pleasant to watch than Jalbert.

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