No Time, Tell Me Later

“She,” Manny responded, “ees mi seestair. Hair heart was brokane.”

Manny turned to Isobel. “Él está ofreciendo ayudar. Parece sincero.”

Isobel looked at Mr. Paroll and smiled. “No tengo a donde ir.”

Manny translated, “She believes she has no place to go. Her nam ees Isobel.”

“Sister?” John exclaimed, only then noticed the similarities between the two. “Of course my apologies. No place to go? Why that’s terrible, might this be because of your recent court case Mr. Gonzalez.”

John shot a look over his shoulder, hinting at the courthouse only to find Mattie and Cody still standing there. “Oh my, I completely forgot,” he looked at Isobel and then Manny, coming to quick decisions. “The mere fact that you got out of there... you were proven not guilty? However did you manage that? Oh, no no I don’t have the time now, do tell me about it later. I have a house towards the edge of town, if the two of you still need a place to go I would be glad to have your company for as long as you wish to have mine.” With that John nodded in goodbye and joined his bounty hunter friends again.

Before he followed them in through the doors, he sent a pleasant smile over his shoulder at Isobel. What an interesting duet.

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