Red Arrows. There wasn't much Boyd hated more than the addition of these nobodies from Kansas muscling in on what was supposed to be Silver Hand territory. First it was the Starr bastards, and now, these sons of bitches had gone and messed up a train robbery meaning there was no cut for anyone. It was a shit time to be an outlaw in Silverado.

To add insult to injury, the Smith was showing his face around town again, him and the girl gunslinger, after he purposely runned them out of Silverado, leaving 'love notes' in the hitching post. The minute the two disappeared, Boyd took the knife left behind and slashed through the initials.

So to say he was aggravated was an understatement. As he returned to the towns edge where he was holed up with the rest of the Silver Hands, namely Elliot Gray, to see him talking to that turncoat Kirby Decker was the straw that broke the camels back. Decker was once in line to be first gun for the Starr Gang, just about when Boyd fell in with the hand. Merging with the red arrows was one thing, dealing with this Starr turncoat? Not on his watch. Not ever.

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