The Quest to Retrieve a Starr

Marshall Tucker has just finished licking away Cody Franks. He was surprised that the promising young man would scoop to anything so underhanded. He considered Cody bright and was having difficulty understanding why he had left a knife so easily recognizable at the scene of the murder.

Tucker returned to Judge Dowd’s chambers. Mattie Hicks was still there spouting that Cody was innocent. The journalist that lived in town was also there. Soon Manny walked into the chambers with Isobel.

When Tucker noticed the badge on Manny, he balked, “Now Wait jist one damn minute!”

Dowd hushed Tucker. “You work for me, Marshall. He is your new deputy. He works for you.”

Tucker resented that a Mexican outlaw was assigned to him. He felt like Dowd did this to keep an eye on Manny. Tucker was no babysitter. He resolved that after bringing in Starr, he would chose to retire. Turn in his badge.

Dowd looked at the group in his chambers. This group would make history, which it was good the reporter was present. He didn’t understand why Manny had brought his sister.

“You two lawmen, with the cooperation of Mrs. Franks here, are going to Denver to bring back Bart Starr.” He looked at Paroll. “It is your duty to record this for posterity, right up to the hanging. I want you on the next rain to Denver. Any questions?”
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The deputy arrived with the message for Marley. She saw his bandaged nose and skewed jaw. He couldn’t move his mouth to talk.

Black Ant grinned when he saw the man. He knew Bart had done this to him.

When the deputy noticed Black Ant, he lowered his eyes. “Message from Sheriff Hick, ma’am. Yer husband’s in jail.”

Marley was disturbed hearing the news. She knew Bart left here with a vendetta. He was still struggling with his impulsive nature. She was proud of him standing up for Black Ant, but wished it were done in other ways.

“Thank you,” Marley said to the deputy. “I’m allowed to visit?”

“O’ course, ma’am,” came the painful reply.

Marley nodded, have instructions for Black Ant to stay in the suite. He needed his rest after spending the night in the jail. Marley followed the deputy to visit Bart.

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