The Trail of Justice

It's been a cold dark trail for months now. Though she found more of the Laredo's, bringing each to justice, the true trail had grown dark. That last one gave her a lead which she was now pursuing. Lately though when turning them in she's getting less than what's on the poster, not that she cares, as long as they swing is all that matters to her.

As she rides towards West Chester she knows when she last met Buckshot and Johnny she should have just killed them. But that was the easy way out. How many suffered due to them. How many decent folks had they hurt.No, they would swing by God as her witness.

That night she slept near a stream. The next day she awoke to the constant nightmare of those animals on her as Josh's cold dead eyes watched. She washes up then hits the trail again. "Josh, I won't rest till they're in pine boxes." It's an oath she says constantly, after the world seems cheerier as she thinks of the life that should've been.

A few more miles then she stops. She dismounts running in the bushes to vomit. What in tarnation was wrong with her lately. She'd have to get checked once in town. But why did it feel like impending doom for?

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