The Laredo Gang

They had come into Silverado in the dead of night. If anyone recognized them they quickly turn the other way. With the nasty rope burn of Tom's and that cold stare of Johnny's folks just wanted no part.

In one of a few rare times they found a room in town. Tom was soon making his best train impersonations but Johnny didn't sleep wel. It was dangerous being in town like this. Most of the night he stood at the window one hand resting on a revolver ready to draw if need be. It had better only be for one night.

The next day they find a saloon then a table in a corner. Buckshot looks at his friend though one eye is always on the door."You know anything about these parts Johnny?"

As the more travelled Johnny had been around even down to Old Mex a few times, but this was new. " First time. Though I did hear word there may be an outfit or two that made it around here."

Buckshot takes a drink then grins."Hope not. Hopefully the areas as ripe as avirgin on her wedding day."

Johnny glares at him then. "Last one of those is still hounding us. I still say we should've killed her. She caught the Lancasters eve."

Buckshot laughs then."They were weak fools. Each time she's caught us, it's her screaming. And I ain't never killed a lady. Their virtues only. Now we need a camp, and a few more folks, then it's time this little ol manure dump is made famous by the Laredo's."

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