All Aboard - Denver Bound

The early morning train was about to depart Silverado. Aboard, leaning back on his seat was Marshall Tucker. He couldn’t believe that Judge Dowd place the responsibility of a known outlaw as a deputy upon him. Still, Manuel Gonzalez seemed eager to do right.

Manny Gonzalez sat next to him. The young Mexican wasn’t sure about leaving, with his sister staying behind with nowhere to go. However, Mister Paroll offered to allow Isobel to stay in his home while they were away. He even gave her some money to live on until they returned.

“Do you think she’ll come along?” Manny asked Tucker.

“She has no choice,” came Tucker’s reply. “She’ll have to trust the law to find out if the black smith is innocent.”

Just outside, by the side of the train, John Paroll was encouraging Mattie Franks. “They’ll figure it out, Miss Mattie; I trust the justice of the judge.”

Mattie thought it over. It had worked out for Manny Gonzalez. And he had rode with the Silver Hand. So she nodded to Paroll and stepped onto the train.

Lighting her trademark cigar, Mattie looked at Marshall Tucker. “Let’s make this a quick run to Denver and back. I got business ya take care of.”

Soon, the steam whistle blew and the irons began to churn, moving the train forward. It was headed to Denver. They were bringing Bart Star back to Silverado tot stand trial.

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