Wirt Arrives

It was late in the evening when James Wirt arrived in Silverado. He still had his mule and coach. The brother and Sister he had met decided not to ride with him.

On the way, Wirt has caught a few snakes and made another batch of his salve and elixir. He also had another rattler in his money box to replace the one kit set free. That snake was his security system. Anyone reaching into the box to steal from him would get bit.

He had some time left in the night, so he decided to enter the saloon. There, he’d seen Miss Mondette before. She had offered him a business proposition. She thought that the girls in the saloon could offer to sell his elixir to their Johns. <i> It just might work,</i> Wirt thought.

Inside the saloon, he bought a bottle of bourbon and sat at a table. Soon, Miss Mondette sat by him, remembering their plans.

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