New town, same Dirty Becca

The ride from Teas was long but Becca needed as much space from her brother as possible. It was bad enough what had happened to her, but Joe kept telling folk about it. This whole time she was alone except when a saloon gal gave her some comfort and why. It made no sense.

On a trip she got the deed to a shop in Silverado, and only went home to pack up her wares. Normally it would probably be dangerous for a woman alone, but she had enough guns with her to put down a small army.

It is nearing late afternoon by the time she arrives and was evening before she was done unpacking it all. She sets the lock as well as taking care of the team. Now for her own needs. Gone was her traditional duds instead she wore a dress and heels. And felt like a darn fool, heck she only ever dressed like this for church. No, to land aman worth a damn she wouldn't lie. She strips it off heading back inside . When she comes out she is wearing her norm. Though hungry, it was time to whet her whistle.

She moseys over to the saloon going up to the bar ordering a whisky. She could feel the glares and turns leaning against the bar."What, you ain't ever seen a lady before?"


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