New friend

When the man poured from his own bottle it took her aback some. Last town she couldn't get a man to throw water on her if she was on fire. First one here is sharing his hooch.

She grabs her glass clinking it against his, then drinks. It burned as it went down, but it sure helped knock away that arid dust feel of being on the trail. She studies him up some then offers up a polite smile.

"Rebecca Walker. Though just call me Becca as its all I'll respond to. And yes, I'm new to Silverado myself. I'm opening up a gunstore. If you're needing to defend yourself I can meet the need. Granted custom weapons may be a few days. Forge is coming by train."

Why are you giving him your lifestory fer. She admitted cause she was a tad nervous. Been a while since she talked to a feller besides her brother or customers.

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