A Lady Smith?

It was hard for Wirt to fathom a lady gun smith. Any woman with skills other than farming, mothering, whoring, and the normal womanly things you didn’t come by in Silverado. This girl was different.

Wirt down his drink and smiled. He filled both glasses again. “The word is, there used to be a black smith forge on the edge of town. It was burnt down. Right now, the smith turned bounty hunter is in the jail. Charged with murder.”

He took a drink of his bourbon. “They’d probably be happy here to have a smith again. Your specialty is guns?” He leaned against the bar, keeping his attention on Becca. “Don’t use guns too much myself. I’ve got a derringer and a shotgun, just for protection. I’m a salesman myself. I traveled with my elixir and salve for some time. Now, I’m looking to settle down and operate from one town. Becca, right? What got you into the gun smith business?”

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