My pa

Becca took another drink as she listens. If there was a forge in town she may be in luck. She only needed it for the barrels and even ammo, so maybe she can make an arrangement till her own got here. Granted her casts were also en route but if the need came she could make new ones.

Though first she'd have to convince folks a little lady knew a thing or two about guns. That shouldn't be too hard as she had a few of her custom jobs and just needed to arrange a demonstration.

Hearing about the other smith gave her pause. "Well, its probably good I'm in guns and not other smith work. Cause I don't know nothing about shoeing horses." She thought of the how then and her ma's reaction. "My pa got me into it. Family business and my brother wasn't interested. Ma didn't like it much though."

The grow causes her to think elsewhere."So Mr Wirt, know of any restaurants about. Haven't ate much as was trying to get here before nightfall."

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