Last Train to Denver

Marshall Tucker and his band were on the train headed to Denver. The band consisted of an outlaw turned deputy, Manuel Gonzalez; a female bounty hunter, Mattie Franks; and a journalist, John Paroll.

Tucker sighed and shook his head. He knew he’d have to watch Gonzalez. Manny wanted Bart Starr’s father dead. What better way to hurt the father, than to kill his son. Yep! He’d have to watch Manuel for sure.

He’d have to watch the newlywed bounty hunter too. Mattie Hicks Franks has capture Bart Starr once before. He’d escaped the jail that time and had Mattie dead to rights during the escape. Tucker wondered why Starr went on with the escape without harming the bounty hunter. He’d been known not to harm women. But, Hicks was trying to bring him in for the bounty. Normal, if someone was out to harm him, Starr would fire back with deadly accuracy.

He’d have to keep an eye on Paroll too. Paroll was after a good story. No doubt, he’d try to hype the band up to motivate them to make the story as interesting as possible. However, this was a simple transfer of an already captured prisoner. Paroll would have to be satisfied with the fame of the outlaw they were bringing back with them. Tucker would have to make sure Paroll would stay out of the way to ensure they could do their job.

It was going to be a long ride. He might as well get some sleep. He wasn’t going to get much on the return trip.

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