Thank you

Becca drowns another drink thinking of the invitation. It had been awhile to say the least since anyone had invited her out and it felt good.A small doubt creeps in though of would he be asking if he knew of her past. For now she will enjoy herself if it gets serious she may bring it up.

She looks at as she takes his arm."Dinner sounds nice, lead the way."


Johnny looks at Buckshot with a sinister smile. "Seems to me the gunshop is unguarded, be ripe for the picking."

Tom stares at his friend."Be foolish to go after it.We got guns. All that brings is the laws gaze. I'd prefer a bigger target. Like a stage or train. Granted we'll need help. Maybe you can recruit while I learn about the wildlife."

Tom walks towards one of the saloon girls as Johnny watches."Oh that wildlife. Hope she is worth it."

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