A Walk and Dinner

She looks at as she takes his arm."Dinner sounds nice, lead the way."

James Wirt looked at the sweet girl on his arm and smiled at her. It had been a long time since this had happened. Wirt thought settling down might just work for him.

The girl last week was just trying to take advantage of him. After he had paid the ransom demanded by the non-bounty hunters, she had tried to lure Wirt to take her and her brother to Denver. The guy probably wasn’t even her brother.

Now, he had a sweet girl on his arm. He walked her down the street, enjoying her hanging onto him. He walked her to the burnt ruins of the smith’s forge. “Not much here,” he affirmed, “but it may be something to rebuild upon. I’ll help, if you like. Of course, you’d have to talk to the blacksmith in the jail.”

He walked her back up to the inn. They were seated and the waiter poured from water for them. “I’ll also have a beer, thank you.”

The waiter turned to Rebecca, “And you, ma’am?”

“Get anything you’d like,” Wirt announced.

Back at the saloon, the girl wrapped her boa around Tom. She held up a bottle of whiskey and whispered into his ear, “Let’s go upstairs, handsome!”

Mondette encouraged another of her girls to sit down with Johnny. She did so, also having a bottle. “Care for some company, Cowboy?”

Tucker fell asleep while Paroll was interviewing Gonzalez about the trial. The former gang member was made a deputy Marshall simply because he had always attempted to foil the likes of the Silver Hand. The only thing he had been guilty of was shooting at the Starrs, other outlaws. He may as well be on the side of the law.

Mattie also told her story, the wedding and Cody being arrested. She couldn’t figure who had framed Cody for the murder, but she’d figure it out.

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