It was early morning when the train pulled into Denver’s station. Tucker stretched and yawned. It had been a long trip, but shorter and more comfortable than by horse. Still, Tucker thought there was nothing like sleeping by the fire, under the stars. He wasn’t a huge fan of change and progress.

“Whelp!” Tucker spoke. “Gonzalez, you come with me to the sheriff’s office.” He handed Mattie a few greenbacks. “You and Paroll can go get us some accommodations. Two rooms, which means one of us is with you.”

Tucker thought Mattie would object to that. Or, at least blush. But she didn’t. She took the money out of his hand and requested, “Mr. Paroll, you’re with me. At least, I know you’re a gentleman.”

Tucker grinned. She was feisty. Why, if he were twenty years younger.... The grin faded as he came back to reality. He thought he’d need to keep an eye on Manny more than the other two anyway. It’s why he chose Manny to go with him.

Manny and Tucker walked to the sheriff’s office. They welcomed the two inside, after they showed their badges. Tucker explained his band would need a couple days rest, then they’d head back with Starr in cuffs.

The sheriff took the two to see Starr. He wanted to be sure it was him. He was sure, but he knew Marley, who claimed to be Starr’s wife, could cause trouble for him if this wasn’t Bart Starr.

Manny took one look and his eyes narrowed. “Eets ‘eem alright!” Gonzalez stated, his accent almost to hard to understand.

“Sure is,” Tucker agreed.

Starr thought he was dreaming, seeing Manny with a badge. “Now I know they’re desp’rate,” he spat. “Hirin’ vermin as you, they hafta be!”

Manny snickered. “No stoppeeng wit’ you! Your padre ees next.”

Mattie and John walked into the inn. Mrs. Franks explained that they were the posse taking Bart Starr back to Silverado. They needed two rooms for two nights. The inn keeper registered them and escorted them to their rooms, accommodated with indoor plumbing.

Mattie remember the last time her and Cody stayed in an inn with plumbing. She was surefire goons do what she needed to do to get him out of jail once they got back.

Paroll looked at her. “Why don’t you relax in a hot tub. I’ll stroll around the city. See if I can add to the story.” Mattie nodded and Paroll was off, looking for his story.

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