After checking the rooms out, John Paroll and Mattie left the inn. They met Marshall Tucker and Manny Gonzalez just outside the Denver Sheriff’s office.

“Our man is indeed locked up inside,” Rucker informed Paroll and Mattie.

“Once word reaches Raymond that he’s headed back to Silverado to stand trial,” Manny said, “we’ll have the leader in our grips.”

“Would you mind,” Paroll inquired, “if I interview Starr on the ride back?”

“It’s your story,” Tucker assured Paroll. “You can handle it any way you want. He’ll be cuffed to Manny and me, so he’ll pose no danger.”

Mattie knew Starr. She knew he could be cocky. He’d try to escape somehow.

“How about dinner?” Tucker asked everyone. “On the government.”

They all walked across to the inn and sat at a table. Paroll glanced out the window and saw a familiar face, a young woman with a young Indian boy. He tapped Mattie’s arm, then motioned with his head toward the window. It was Marley Alistare, Bart’s accomplice in his escape. She looked exactly like the drawing Paroll sketched at Mattie’s direction.

“Excuse me,” Paroll said as he stood. “I’m following a story.”

Walking out of the inn, Paroll approached Marley. “Excuse me, Miss Alistare? My name’s John Paroll. I’m a journalist. Would you mind if I asked you a few questions?”

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