Liam's Intoduction

Liam McCoy is an Irish Immigrant, here to work on the rail road. Although finding work originally in Pine, a railroad town, he soon had new orders.

He awoke one morning in the saloon and walked downstairs to the bar area. Not many people were present, just the bartender and a few men playing poker in the corner. He walked to the bar and was greeted by the tender.

"Ah, good morning, McCoy," the bartender said, "you aren't here for a drink at this hour are you?"
"Of course not, lad," the Irishman replied, "I'm seeing if I have any mail."
"As a matter of fact, you do," the bartender bent over and grabbed an envelope from a small sack he kept under the bar, "here you are."

Liam opened it and walked slowly away as he read the contents. It was from the Rail company. He was to leave today for Silverado. A shame, because he had grown used to Pine, but he had heard that Silverado had more things going on, and that meant more opportunity for him.

It didn't take long for him to gather his few items and board the train to Silverado.

Hours passed by, but at last, he was at Silverado.

He left the train and met with his new boss.

"Ah, McCoy," the boss, another Irishman greeted him, "I've been expecting you, let's get to the saloon and we can talk over some drinks."
"Music to me ears," Liam laughed before following the man to the Silverado saloon.

Here Liam would be for the night, drinking and introducing himself to the various locals, and keeping an eye out for work that did not involve the rail business.

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