Men and Women

Marley turned a sharp glance at the man. "a story on what?" she asked.

Paroll has a pencil and pad ready to write. “Well ma’am, beggin’ your pardon, but I’ve got it on good report that you were riding with Bart Starr.”

This was confusing to the reporter. Someone of class, such as Marley Alistare, should not have been caught up with an outlaw of Bart Starr’s standing.

“I’m writing about his misadventures and how he was caught and brought to justice. You don’t seem the outlaw type, Miss Alistare.”

Mattie Franks stepped out to check on Mr. Paroll. “You awright? Do you want us to order for you?”

Back in Silverado, Boyd Sutton moseyed into the saloon. He looked smug, like the cat that ate the canary with no evidence. Of course, it was he that framed Cody Franks. No one knew, but Sutton found the knife wedged into the post and patiently waited his moment to kill the man that Cody had fought the night before.

It was all clean, nothing pointed to Sutton. It was a promise he’d threatened to Cody. Only, he’d let the law do the killin’.

“I’ll have a bottle of rye,” Sutton demanded. Looking around, he saw a man with an Irish accent. The Irish were known for their drinking, so Boyd sat in the stool next to the Irishman. “Care for a drink?”

Mondette saw the outlaw with the Irishman, who was a newcomer. She stepped in and said to Boyd, “I’m sorry, but I’d like him to spend time with me.”

At the inn in Silverado, Wirt and Rebecca were just finishing their meal. It had been a pleasurable dinner for Wirt, mostly because he had enjoyed Rebecca’s company. He took the cloth napkin, wiped his mouth, and said, “I thank you for your presence, Rebecca! It made this evening quite pleasurable. Would you like for me to walk you to your accommodations?”

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