Sure, darlin

As they reach the smith's Becca notices it's close to her shop. Close enough she could connect them."Get help I could definitely use it. My shop's right there. Heck, could probably learn to shoe horses even. Have to go see the blacksmith in the morning." She kisses him on the cheek,"thanks in advance for the help. If I need it I can send for my brother." She hoped it didn't come to it. She would tell Wirt eventually but for now was enjoying his company.

"This feels nice by the way. I can't recall the last time I was enjoying myself so. Usually was just hanging with Joe, or a lonely supper at Buffalo Gals."


Johnny watches Tom heading upstairs getting antsy. When the other gal came over his hand slipped to his revolver sensing a trap. When the woman speaks he relaxes but keeps the hammer cocked. A idea comes to mind as he checks her over.

"Sure darlin, let's go on up. You can even make some more. See there's ths gal with long dark hair might come through, goes by the name Claie.She'll work at times like you do. If she does let me know and I'll pay ya an extra twenty."

It was a bit much, but if it ridded him of the woman hunter it'd be worth it. This time he'd make sure she was good n dead and leave Tom out of it.


Claire had reached West Chester late and knew not to try for the law or a doctor. After stabling her horse she got a room then freshened up. After the bath she puts her other attire on. Looking like a saloon girl she heads over to a saloon grabbing a seat and waiting. She didn't really enjoy it,but it was her way of gathering info. From both the gents and other prostitutes.

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