Business Propositions

"This feels nice by the way. I can't recall the last time I was enjoying myself so. Usually was just hanging with Joe, or a lonely supper at Buffalo Gals."

Wirt stopped in his tracks. She was actually enjoying herself. He pointed at his coach and mule.

“That,” he laughed, “is my business, which is currently from town-to-town. I’m hoping to set up a permanent place in town.”

The sign on the side advertised his elixir. <I> If it hurts, it’s Wirts!</i>

“So, if you’re enjoying yourself, would you mind me spending time and getting to know you?” Wirt inquired. He had to admit, he was enjoying spending time with Rebecca. She was both attractive and fun. He could see himself pursuing this girl. He hoped to get a shop near hers for his apothecary.

Mattie looked at Marley showing her distrust of the woman. Paroll urged her to go back inside, as he doubted that Marley would open up, unless in private. Mattie stepped just inside the doorway to the inn, not visible, but available if anything happened.

“I’m sorry,” Paroll expressed to Marley. “Now, can you tell me how you met Mr. Starr?”

It was a bit much, but if it ridded him of the woman hunter it'd be worth it. This time he'd make sure she was good n dead and leave Tom out of it.

Back in the saloon at Silverado, Miss Mondette didn’t let the man who turned her down stop her, going to the next man.

“Wi,” she said to Johnny, “Miss Mondette will pleasure you,” in her heavy French accent. “My lips and eyes are yours.”

Sutton looked at McCoy. The accent gave him away as a probable rail worker. Perhaps he could work that in his favor. He poured the man a drink. “We’ll have a few drinks. I’d

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