A new prospect

Emily was reading a book in her room when there was a knock at the door. As usual Mondette didn't wait for an answer, she just opened the door and came in. This time however, she brought another girl with her, a stranger.

As they entered, there was the usual look of the room. There were book cases on two walls of the room filled with science, math and all sorts of reference books. The bed was along the left side and was nicely made. On the right wall next to the window, there was a nice roll top desk with neatly organized papers and a strange bottle on her desk with a dark liquid. On it was written Dr. Pepper.

As the ladies entered, the new one introduced herself and stated her business. She was just after information, too bad, she had the body that could make a ton of money. Emily got up pretty quickly for an older woman and walked over to this Miss Mattie and held out her hand. As Mattie took her hand, she could feel a very frim grip for an older woman, not close to Mattie's grip but, firm never the less. Her eyes kept constant contact with Matties and she didn't show any emotion in her facial features.

Mattie Hicks is it. Bounty Hunter I believe, and the Daughter of a Sheriff isn't it? I last heard you were up north cashing in on 'ol Otis. Not too bad a kid except he didn't like those stage coaches much.
Missy, if you don't bring trouble to my girls, and pay for their time, I have no problem helping a young lass such as yourself. I have heard good things about you.
Mondette, if you don't mind, take our friend here to the girls and let her pick. When your done, come on back, I want you to try this new soda a friend of mine from Waco Texas has made. Good Day miss Hicks.

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