I choose you

Mattie was a little surprised, and a little more than honored that Miss Em already knew so much about her. She inwardly smiled, knowing full well that the working girls were the best source of intel going.

"Thank you, kindly Miss 'Em. I'll keep your girls' confidence, and I'll pay 'em, same as the men folk. And I'm lookin' forward to trying your friends soda-water." She bowed her head slightly again before placing her hat back a top it.

Mondette folded her fan, revealing a flirty smile as she led Mattie back out of the room and closed the door behind them. "Miss 'Em said to give you your pick, Miss. Would you like me to line them up? I can advise you on each's 'specialty.'

Mattie smiled gratefully, if not a little sheepishly. "No, ma'am, weren't be necessary. " Mondette seemed to have her thumb on the pulse, she may as well start at the top. "If it's all the same to you, you'd be my top choice for the evenin'.

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