Time To Get a Meal

[i]After a quick bath to get off the sweat and smoke that was stuck to him, Cody put on his gun belt and sauntered into the saloon. He sat at the bar and ordered a bourbon whiskey. [\i]

When the bartender brought the whiskey, Cody downed the shot. Working hard all day, the smith had worked up a powerful hunger. He asked the bartender for another, then walked to the swinging doer of the saloon.

Looking outside, he spied a young girl that was often given odd jobs by the townsfolk. The girl sort of reminded him of himself as a youngster, except, of course, she was female. So every opportunity he got, he made sure he gave her an opportunity to earn some money.

“Hey Jo,” Cody called across the street. Getting her attention, Franks motioned for her to come over to him.

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