Poker Trouble

Jack was upstairs talking with one of his enforcers, the usual lunch crowd was in. There were a few poker games, a blackjack table just opened and the kitchen was dishing out some nice Venison stew. After verifying a few things, Jack walked down and was mingling with his customers, ensureing the food or drink was good and seeing if they needed anything. Jack liked to mingle, he was able to get to know people and receive feedback on his establishment.

Jack was always tweaking things. Either changing the menu, prices or drinks. He would send out "Scouts" to the big cities to see what was new in food and drink and try new things here. He of course had his staple foods and drinks like steak, potatoes, biscuits, beer, whiskey and such but, tried to bring in some new stuf so everyone had a chance to taste what the city folk had. If travelers were just passing through, they had a place to go to feel somewhat like home and if residents went to visit the big city, they had a working knowledge of food and drink to help fit in.

As Jack made his way back to the bar, one of the poker tables started getting loud. A stranger, man of about 20, tall and the look of a cattle hand started yelling about cheaters. He was accusing the others of ganging up on him so he would lose all his money. At one point, he stood up, knocked his chair back and went for his gun.

No one really thinks he knew what happened. Before his gun even cleared his holster, Jack and his Enforcer had both drawn their guns and fired. Jack fired once and his enforcer fired twice. All 3 shots hit him in the chest and he fell to the floor. It wasn't that they were faster, they jsut had an idea of where it was going and there was no way they could close the distance to him before it happened.

Easy folks. He knew the rules and he was drawing on unarmed men. Looking back at the bar.
Will one of you please go get the Sheriff, Doc Preacher and Jo. You men at the table, I'll need you to wait for the Sheriff please. Everyone else, your next drink is on the house and I do apologize for the interruption.

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